Prophetic Word for America

Recently I have been hearing the Lord saying that the Church in America needs to appeal again to the heavenly throne. Too many believers are looking for a political savior. They want a man or woman to adjust the nation so that things will work toward their religious benefit. I heard the Lord saying that people are failing to call upon the true Savior of the world and that their faith in man is greater than their faith in Christ. 

The Lord showed me a picture of large wounds in the country. I saw the states and running across the states were large gaping wounds. God made me aware that these wounds were racial, political and religious seperations that were all displeasing to Him. I suddenly saw these large golden, glimmering stitches that began to seal and heal up these wounds all across the nation. I asked the Lord what these were and He let me know that they were Apostolic/Prophetic Revivalists, moving through the nation and bringing closure to long time wounds.

The Lord is saying there will be a radical change that comes to the church. People are going to begin to view the Kingdom of God in new ways. The Bible says that, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” God says that He, through Apostolic/Prophetic Revivalists, is going to bring healing to long held divisions in America. It will not be a president or a political party that saves this nation, but it will all be done by the hand of God.

God says “I am about to bring adjustment to My Church. Separations by ethnicity and politics will cease!” God is going to do this first with the leaders, and the people will respond. “I will bring together national ministries. They will sit at My table together, and not separated any longer.” I heard the Lord saying that the power of the church is about to multiply. Because of this unity, the Elders of the Church will decree a thing and it will come to pass swiftly. 

The enemy’s agenda will never be overcome by political science, but it will be devastated by the unity of the people of God and the penetrating power that resides in this new breed of the Apostolic/Prophetic Revivalist. They will take the world by storm. They will move into Churches and obliterate the devil’s work in that place. I see territorial spirits being dislocated simply because these believers came in and let the Christ be Christ through them. This is an unprecedented time that people will talk about for years to come.

The Lord is naming a new season for the Church and He calls it, “The Season of Alignment”, where everything out of order gets challenged by the Lord. People will be drawn to the Church not because of flashy programs, but because they have THE answer that can’t be found in government programs or from a secular source. Get ready America, your secular humanism is about to be confronted by the KING OF KINGS. Jesus is going to move through His people in such a way that the Church will no longer be moving in response to the Government, but the Government will have to adjust to the Kingdom.

Unity will cause this. The churches coming together, no longer divided. The raising up of authentic Apostles and Prophets will cause this. The Government of the Church coming into maturity, and revealing itself more valid than the Kingdoms of this world.