Prophetic Word for Charlotte NC

I heard the Lord saying that the enemy has his sights set on the integration and integrity of Charlotte, NC. God’s purpose for Charlotte has always been for it to be a beacon, a shining light to America, particularly in it’s ability to integrate and become one. The enemy sees the great potential that will come once the church in Charlotte begins to work in unity, and he is attacking God’s move to integrate. The recent violent episodes were a manifestation that the devil was at work, and he is trying to cause a great racial divide. God is at work even now to organize and integrate the church, all peoples represented in this city will work together, all colors will join hands, people from every tribe and tongue are going to worship the Lord together in this city.

God has been setting the eyes of the world on Charlotte this last year, He is bringing the city to the forefront because of his great purpose for it. This city is a forerunner in the nation for the things of the Spirit, and once the Charlotte church moves into a complete integration and unity, a river is about to flow out of Heaven, washing clean the pain of the past. The church in Charlotte will be seen by the nation as a city church, or one church in many locations, not as a divided entity walking in disagreement.

The Lord is saying that agreement is going to turn this nation around. I see a powerful handshake about to take place; a black hand and a white hand. This will symbolize a unity that the enemy cannot stop. People will respond to this handshake. These are national leaders shaking hands, people of influence, and when they come into agreement by the anointing of God nothing will be impossible for them.

This will the beginning of the running river through the city. It will run through Trade and Tryon. Things of darkness will be exposed and integrity will return to the banking system in this city. People of great influence in the business realm will begin to move in an honesty and integrity that God can truly bless. When this begins to happen, get ready for national revival. This river is going to remove the pain caused from fallen leaders in the Church in this region. It will carry with it a restoration that makes them move in more authority and power than ever before.

I declare by the Spirit of God that there is a river coming out of Charlotte, running through the city, and it will touch all of America. I see the ancient wells of this city being opened once again. They are being opened due to the honor that is being showed by this generation of leaders toward the generations of times gone by. This river that begins to flow will carry with it moral purity, and it will carry a great grace to bring healing. I see that the answer for cancer is coming, but it will come by the revelation of the Spirit. The doctors are proclaiming; “We did not know this even existed!” God will reveal what is needed to bring the healing.

The river will flow, into South Carolina, into Georgia, and throughout the nation. This is the revival we’ve been waiting for. It is the river of God changing a nation. God says, “I am unifying My church. You will be one, and then you will begin to dismantle that which the enemy has built in this city.” It all starts with individuals, putting aside prejudices, loving and preferring one another and becoming the one new man that God desires us to be