A Prophetic Word about Kayleigh McEnany

God says she is a treasure.
She is a foot soldier.
And her call by God is to do damage to the kingdom of darkness.

I heard a voice shout “who dares to stand up to Goliath? Who dares to go to war with the giants of media?”

She ran to the battle.
She is like a foot soldier.

Media will he forced to reform because they have been dealt a blow by this woman of God.

She will twist their arm until they beg for mercy by the things she will say.

She will close their big alligator mouth. She will overcome Leviathan.

She is called to govern and oversee as well. She is a leader of high caliber. And God has prepared a place for her.
She will stand at the gates of this nation, like a national intercessor she will guard the nation from wolves and open the gates wide to the blessings of God.