Open Doors for Missions

The Lord is saying it is time to knock again.

The enemy has been working to close the doors to the nations, But God says “satan can not close a door that I have opened”

It will seem like overnight says God

You will go to sleep and the nations will be closed, You will wake up the next day and the doors will fling wide open to share the gospel in the nations. Get ready!

God says I am making a move

Like a master chess player I am setting a man in place

He knows the secrets, he will expose the secrets taking place in the governments of this world.

He has been positioned by God in the Government at this time, he has authority and clout and the anointing of God.

God will use him to push back the curtain of deception.

God says my church must pray and cry out to God to swing wide the doors of the nations and they will move.

Territorial demonic rulers will buckle under the power of Gods people penetrating the nations with the gospel.