South Dakota

God says I am sending a river of justice to United States.

I am sending it like a strong flowing river, I am irrigating it with my finger.

I am starting something in South Dakota that can not be stopped.

An opening of the eyes of the blind.

I am putting my finger in South Dakota and will irrigate the rivers of justice flowing there down to the southern states.

It will touch the world.

It is justice that will restore the dignity of believers.

It will restore stolen finances

It will overtake the political system.

The politicians in South Dakota will make decrees, and these decrees will be immovable.

They are immovable because they come from heaven.

I tell you I will break the heart of the President.

I am about to do something in his heart.

They will say resurrection, he’s been resurrected.

And God says I will touch his spirit. He will become humbled and lowly of heart. Watch says the Lord.

What happens in South Dakota will be irrigated to Washington.

I tell you like a solitary bonfire I will start something in South Dakota. Strong revival fires.

Unsuspecting ministers will go there and be caught ablaze and run all over the nation with fire.

South Dakota is about to have an awakening of the Lord that changes the spirituality, the government, and the very face of this nation.