Times of Refreshing

God has been moving in response to the hunger of His people in diverse churches, schools and groups all across America. Antioch International Church in Fort Mill has been experiencing a significant move of God, with manifestations of the Spirit every time we get together.

This last Sunday, while worshipping and ministering to people in the front of the church along side two of my sons, God gave me what I consider to be an important picture for the season we are in. He exposed some hinderances to the river of God that we must avoid to see this present revival increase in America and around the world.

1. The first thing we must avoid is trying to swim against the current of God’s river. In the Spirit I saw that out of fear some will try to escape this move of God. They will say it’s not like moves of the past, and by doing so they will actually oppose His move unwittingly. God say’s flow with the current, it is a river that will eventually bring the church to a place of harvest.

2. The second thing God showed me in regards to this move of God was a vision of people in inner tubes, floating, like what you would see in a lazy river. They enjoyed the move of God and had big smiles on their faces but failed to ever get in the water. The people of God need to become fully submerged to swim at the speed of the river, or they will miss important shifts, changes and moments in God. God wants to move deep in your heart, so cooperate with Him whole-heartedly. Jump in!

3. The last picture I saw was of referees standing around the river. Men in black and white striped shirts, trying to control this rushing presence of God. No man can referee God! Yes leadership is needed now as much as ever, but leadership must navigate, cooperate and move with the river of God. The emergence of strong leaders is a mark of a true move of God, but there is no room for controlling leadership who will actually snuff out the fire in the people they are around.